The Vizhnitzer Rebbe
The Vizhnitzer RebbeDavid Cohen/FLASH90

The Vizhnitzer Rebbe on Wednesday evening requested that Shas chief Aryeh Deri act to prevent an Israeli attack on Iran at the current time.

"Israel must not attack in Iran in retaliation right now," Kikar Hashabbat quoted him as saying. "We are in an extremely sensitive position, and the nation of Israel needs a lot of Heavenly mercy."

"After we had the most open miracles on Saturday night, we must not rekindle the fire against us once more."

According to the report, the Vizhnitzer Rebbe also noted that the vast majority of Iranian launches did not cross into Israel: "We need to give thanks and praise every day, for the great miracle that happened to us on Saturday night, and not continue with this. We don't need to provoke."

Later, he praised Deri for his position as an observer in the War Cabinet: "We have a great miracle for our entire public, that Shas chief Deri is the one sitting in the War Cabinet. He is the one sitting in all the closed rooms and during decision-making. This is a miracle for the entire Israeli people, and not just for the haredi community, that there is an experienced and wise person there to lead all of the sensitive decisions."