Boxes of bullets and other weapons
Boxes of bullets and other weaponsIDF spokesperson

“But he [the king who you appoint over yourselves] must not acquire many horses for himself and not send the people back to Egypt to acquire more horses, for the Lord has Said to you, ‘You shall not go back that way again.’" (Deuteronomy 17:16).

Deuteronomy 17:14-20 lays the framework for establishing the kingdom of Israel. It says that once Israel comes to its Land, possesses it, and settles in it, and the people request to set a king over themselves, as all the nations around them, then they shall surely set a king over themselves; one whom the Lord their God Chooses for them.

It also says that the people cannot set a foreign man as king over them, and that the king shall not increase horses, particularly in a way that will cause him to go back to Egypt for those horses and become beholden to them. Egypt was a regional source of horses in those days, the way that America is a source of modern military equipment, such as tanks and planes.

The purpose of not having many horses is therefore not to rely on them, and not to rely on the people who have them. Such reliance naturally comes with conditions, like having a foreign king over Israel.

But the whole purpose of having a king, or so we thought, was to be like the nations around us, who had strong kings to lead them in battle against their enemies. Strong kings need horses. Yet God tells us, ‘No, they don’t.’

These Torah passages continue, requiring that the king not have too many wives, so that his heart not turn astray. He also should not greatly increase silver and gold for himself. Yet those were the ways of all kings in those days. More wives meant more prestige and more potential heirs. Silver and gold were the power and glory of thrones.

Yet again, the Torah tells us otherwise (Deuteronomy 17:18-20): When the king of Israel sits on his throne, he is to write for himself a copy of the Torah, to read from it all the days of his life. So much for horses, superpower allies, wives, and gold. The king’s focus is to learn to fear the Lord his God, to observe all the Words of the Torah and its Laws.

A king of Israel may not let his heart become haughty over his brethren, the way a foreigner might exalt over his conquests, or a king over his subjects. Rather, he is not to turn right or left from God’s Commandments, as a servant of God. If not, his kingdom will not last long. He is entirely reliant upon God.

A leader of Israel

Israel does not have a king now, but it has a prime minister, like other parliamentary democracies. It set up a strong and centralized government to be able to contend with its many enemies and to govern itself effectively. The Lessons of the Torah still apply to it and to its leader today.

Armies might not use horses anymore, but they do use vehicles, aircraft, ships, and munitions. A leader of Israel should not amass military equipment from other great powers, lest it become reliant upon them. They will not save him. They will not save Israel.

A Nursery Rhyme

Are you familiar with Humpty Dumpty, from the English nursery rhyme? He sat on the wall, and he had a great fall. ‘All the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again.’

Well, the people of Israel have been sitting on the wall, confident in their defenses, and that has not served us well. They could have listened to the nursery rhyme, rather than rely upon fortifications, electronic surveillance, missile defenses, and autonomous weapon systems, all of which have failed us. They did not prevent the mass slaughter of Jews, on a scale not seen since the Holocaust.

You can say that the people were naïve and foolish. Their serenity has been dashed and their lives have been shattered. But what about their leader with all his horses? What can he do now for them? His horses have failed him, and he has failed us with them.

Don’t Rely on America

I say this to Prime Minister Netanyahu, and to any leader of Israel: Do not rely on America. Do not rely on any other superpower for that matter. Such reliance will only lead you astray, to betray your people and to bring destruction upon Israel. Rely upon God.

America did not make Israel. It did not fight for Israel. America will not save Israel.

America claims to help Israel with military and financial aid. This help comes with conditions that do not serve Israel’s interests. Such help is not helpful to Israel. In fact, it is extremely detrimental. Israel must work hard to be staunchly independent. It must be beholden solely to God.

Netanyahu’s horses

Netanyahu relied upon his horses, and he relied upon America. For years he spoke about the threat from Iran, and how close they were to obtaining nuclear weapons. He spoke to the world, but mostly to Americans. He did not think Israel has the power to defend itself, and he did not turn to God for help, so naturally he continued Ehud Barak's plans to cut down military manufacturing and turned to America.

America helped him sabotage Iran’s nuclear program. It gave him bunker busting bombs and aircraft, to bomb Iran, if needed, but only with American permission. It helped Israel develop a missile defense system. All these things came with conditions. They made Israel greatly reliant upon America, but they did not eliminate the threats. They only strengthened our enemies.

How so? When you amass more horses, you force your enemy to acquire more horses, increasing the threat and increasing your reliance upon horses. Rather than deal with Iran directly, Netanyahu upped the ante with US backing, forcing Iran to make new alliances and up the ante from its side. This made Israel even more dependent upon America, while America did not share in Netanyahu’s sense of urgency.

Iran moved its nuclear facilities deep underground and ramped up production. Iran greatly bolstered the power of its proxies in Lebanon and within Israel and continuously worked to add more proxies in Yemen, Iraq, Syria and elsewhere. Iran learned how to build drones, new types of rockets, and a navy. Iran is more of a threat today than it ever was, and yet Israel’s hands are tied, and it is ever more reliant upon America.

Even for a relatively weak, although entirely sinister, foe, such as Hamas, Israel is forced by America to fight with its hands tied. Israel is using expensive American munitions to fight primitive armaments, and requires large forces to weed out hidden combatants in a hostile populace with surgical strikes. The rules of engagement forced upon us by our American ally were not designed for victory. They were designed to make us more reliant upon and beholden to America. They serve America's perceived interests, not Israel’s.

Rely Upon God

Reliance upon God is very different. Ultimately, it equates with self-reliance and serving God’s Purpose for us, which is our self-interest. Israel’s interest was and ever will be to do God’s Will in the world. When we do that, God has an utmost interest in defending us, exponentially more so than He does now, when He saves us only out of Compassion and for our future potential.

Reliance upon God means we no longer rely upon America. If America wishes to stop military aid to Israel, let it do so. It is not in our interest to serve America for it. God Said He Will Bless those who bless us and Curse those who curse us. If America’s blessings come with a hidden curse, with strings attached to pressure us to betray God, then America is cursing itself. We do not need to help them with that.

Reliance upon God means that we are committed to Him. He is the Superpower behind Israel, and we must serve Him faithfully to merit His Deliverance. It also requires faith that He will Save us. That faith should be a no brainer for a nation that has survived as long as us. We have been Restored in our Land for this purpose: To serve Him. Why would He abandon us now? And if He did, we need to recognize that He is worth it. It is worth doing God’s Will and dying for it.

The righteous who suffer do not question God, they suffer for Righteousness and for God, to do what is Righteous and Godly in this world. There would be no need to suffer for our sins and for the sins of mankind, had we ensured the reign of righteousness and the death of evil in prior generations. But we suffered then for the wrong reasons. Better to suffer now for Truth and Righteousness, than to submit to the lies and deceit spread by evil and to live with them in wickedness. Better to suffer for God than to serve our enemies.