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Eurovision Song Contest (archive)Kan

After several weeks of uncertainty and changes, and after two songs entered by Israel were disqualified by the organizers, Kan has formally published the song "Hurricane", which will be Israel's 2024 entry into the Eurovision Song Contest, performed by Eden Golan.

"Hurricane", which was approved in place of "October Rain" which was deemed too political, is written by Keren Peles, Aviv Ohayon, and Stav Beger, and uses the same tune as its predecessor.

The evening before the broadcast, Kan will publish a special clip for the song "Unicorn", which was Israel's entry last year. It will be sung once again by Noa Kirel, who placed third in the contest in 2023, alongside Golan, who will represent Israel this year.

As part of the broadcast, a documentary showing the challenges of representing Israel in the Eurovision contest over the years will be shown. Afterwards, "Hurricane" will be broadcast for the first time, with Golan and the producers of the song. Throughout the broadcast, the initial reactions from the world will be presented on a continual basis, as well as an analysis of the song by Eurovision experts.

Earlier today, pro-Palestinian users leaked a version of the song online. Officials involved in creating the song admitted that the leaked version did indeed contain the lyrics and tune, but stated that it was unclear whether they were using the original or revised version of the song.

The social media account that leaked the song wrote: “Despite the attempt to turn their song into a political statement on more than one occasion, Israel was allowed to participate in the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest. This is their song, Hurricane, so that no one needs to give them any more views. Free Palestine”. The clip containing the song showed a picture of Golan along with the text “Israel is committing genocide.”