Haredi demonstration in Bnei Brak
Haredi demonstration in Bnei BrakItai Ron/Flash90

Route 4, at the entrance to Bnei Brak, was blocked on Sunday afternoon to traffic in both directions for three hours after dozens of haredi extremists demonstrated there.

The haredim blocked the road in protest of the intention to recruit haredim to the IDF, with the potential enactment of a draft law by the Knesset.

The police came to the scene with reinforced forces and tried to prevent the protesters from blocking the road.

המשטרה מנסה לפנות מפגינים בבני ברקדוד קשת - ידיעות בני ברק

After two hours of roadblocks, some of the demonstrators went to the Jabotinsky junction to block traffic and the roadblocks caused the light rail to stop running in Petah Tikva.

During the demonstration, a Border Police officer was filmed kicking a demonstrator who was sitting on the road.

After three hours of roadblocks, the protesters left and the roads were opened to traffic.

Yaakov Wieder, a member of the Bnei Brak city council and chairman of the Likud faction, strongly condemned the Jerusalem Faction's leadership for blocking the main roads and demanded that the law authorities deal with them severely.

“The violent road closures that repeatedly harm one quarter of a million Bnei Brak residents are led by a group of extremist activists who repeatedly disregard the residents and the law. Enforcement agencies must deal with this very severely. The right to demonstrate does not mean that the protesters can systematically and repeatedly violate the rights of one quarter of a million residents, including the elderly, small children and the sick,” Wieder said.

ההפגנה בכביש 4דוד קשת - ידיעות בני ברק