Elkana Libman
Elkana LibmanCourtesy of the photgrapher

Elkana Libman, member of the Tikva Forum and brother of Elyakim who was kidnapped to Gaza, participated Monday in the discussion at the Knesset's education committee – a few days after he finished his reserve duty in Gaza.

"We demand that the government defeat Hamas. And return the hostages. We think that these can be achieved together and they must be achieved together. The only way to bring my brother back is by defeating Hamas," Libman said.

He added that "The second issue is the humanitarian aid – part of my responsibilities were attending to the wounded and dead, and I also brought in aid to the forces fighting inside Gaza. At the same time, a few meters away we were bringing in trucks of humanitarian aid to 'innocents,' and we saw that the citizens also participated in the attack. Today it was announced that 70% of the aid that went in to Gaza, went to Hamas and not to the residents of the Gaza Strip."

"We strongly protest against this aid that went to Hamas. This is the same Hamas that kidnapped my brother Elyakim," said Libman.