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In a piece on how the Grey Lady is covering the war in Gaza, the New York Times made a not-so-shocking admission while trying to blame Israel for the difficulties in reporting what’s happening on the ground — the terrorist organization that ran Gaza doesn’t like bad press.

Gaza was under Hamas control since 2006, and the “paper of record” is just admitting this now.

The Times article attempts to explain how “extremely challenging” it is to report from inside Gaza as the war continues.

“Israel has prevented journalists from entering the region except when accompanied by its military, and then only under certain conditions, while Egypt, along its border, is also blocking access,” laments the NY Times.

“Communications have been limited, in part because of the Israeli siege of the enclave. Many Palestinian journalists in Gaza have been killed in airstrikes,” continues the article.

Those mean old Israelis! Trying to keep journalists out of an active war zone!

But then, they just slide in the admission like it’s no big deal …

Even before the war, Hamas restricted what reporters could cover in Gaza, limiting their movement, interrogating their sources and translators, and expelling foreign reporters for work deemed objectionable.
Source: New York Times (archived)

Oh. Would you look at that!

But don’t worry, says the New York Times, you can still trust their terror stenography journalism on the war because they’ve got great sources.

“Throughout the war, The Times has been working with journalists who were already in Gaza when the siege began,” states the Times.

Ah, yes. We know how reliable and unbiased those journos in Gaza are, proper?

But it’s not just “journalists already in Gaza.” The Times says they’re also interviewing residents and “officials,” ie. Hamas.

“We have been interviewing residents and officials in Gaza by phone and using digital apps. We have asked people in the area to share their stories with us on video, which we then confirm are real,” states NYT.

Relying on the locals, eh? How could that possibly go wrong?

Nope. Doesn’t seem like there’d be a problem with that.

“We also verify photos and social media posts using similar techniques, scrutinizing them to determine where and when they were taken or written and cross-checking with other sources, such as satellite imagery.
Source: New York Times (archived)

Oh, really?

Is it as thorough as the other “fact-checking” that’s done before an article is published?

Isn’t this you, New York Times?

That hospital bombing was a big story, but what didn’t get a splashy NY Times headline was a hospital that was hit in Israel. Repeatedly.

Alright, everyone makes mistakes in the rush to get the news out first, but relying on anti-Israel sources like the Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry for casualty numbers and not saying so is kind of a problem. Especially since the “Gaza Health Ministry” doesn’t differentiate terrorist deaths from civilian deaths.

Speaking of anti-Isreal sources, the Times also said that they rely on the United Nations to verify their info.

“We cross reference any information we gather with interviews with the UN and other international organizations, many of which have employees in different parts of Gaza,” states the New York Times reassuringly.

Do you mean agencies like the teachers who work with the United Nations Relief Works Agency (UNRWA)?

A released hostage claims that he was kept in the home of a teacher working for UNRWA.

Well, that’s awkward.

But then, what do you expect from a paper that covered up the mass murder of Ukrainians by Stalin, failed to report the targeting of Jews in their reports about the Holocaust, and downplayed Hitler’s antisemitism?

It isn’t just the New York Times, though. Several “reputable” news organizations do this.

It’s got to be a difficult thing to admit that Hamas is essentially functioning as a defacto editorial board when you didn’t disclose that you were sharing office space with them. Isn’t that right, Associated Press?

As I’ve been saying since early October, this isn’t just a hot war in Gaza, it’s a propaganda war.

With every Israeli strike that takes down Hamas-controlled targets, Israel takes a hit in the propaganda war. It doesn’t matter how many minutes of surveillance and GoPro videoes of Hamas terrorists torturing, raping, and murdering Israeli civilians are shown, or the truckloads of evidence that Hamas uses their own civilians as human shields are presented, the anti-Israel Partisan Presstitues will continue to hold Israel to a standard that they don’t hold anyone else to.

Maybe the real problem is the anti-Israel bias that appears to exist in large swaths of the Regime Media.