After several days of combat and the mobilization of hundreds of thousands of reservists with the support of an extensive logistical effort, IDF forces are preparing to implement a wide range of offensive plans.

Multiple reserve battalions were mobilized for defense missions in the communities in the area surrounding the Gaza Strip. The 252nd Sinai Division is currently making preparations for wider combat operations. So far, the percentage of those reporting for duty among the reservists in the division is around 120%.

Commander of the 252nd Sinai Division, BG Moran Omer, said: "The units of the division have been in combat over the past week and are currently training for the next stages. I trust that the reservists, together with soldiers in mandatory service, will defeat Hamas."

"The learning curve for the reservists is very fast. We feel their maturity and motivation. My role is to stay focused on the mission and perform it as best as possible according to our abilities. We will do whatever is necessary, and for those for whom it was not clear, now it is.

"All the weapons in the division have been distributed, and we stand at a 120% rate of reservists reporting for duty. We have seen no drop in motivation."