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Following public opinion polls that predicted very high percentages of support for Israel Ganz, the two other candidates withdrew from the elections for the leadership of Binyamin Regional Council, thus allowing Ganz to continue for a second term as governor of the council.

Ganz thanked his constituents for their broad trust and thanked the leadership of the towns and the members of the council assembly for their unanimous support for his continued governorship.

In a special message sent to Binyamin residents, Ganz wrote that he will be maintaining his schedule of town hall and parlor meetings. “I am not stopping. Even though there will not be elections for the governorship of the regional council, I plan to continue as usual with the parlor and meetings and the close-up discussions with you, the local residents. The parlor meeting schedule up until the election date will stay exactly as planned. I am also asking you to come, to listen and be heard. The meetings with you give me a better understanding and present to you the big and small issues connected with the growth of Binyamin and the everyday lives of each and every one of us. I will be very happy to see you!”

Ganz explained: “We are at the end of one term of office and the beginning of another. I believe the elections for the governorship are not only a democratic obligation but also an opportunity to fulfill the obligation to renew the public’s faith, to listen more than ever to the public, and to be open to hearing what the public has to say. Indeed, my close relationship with you, my constituents, the parlor meetings, and the other opportunities to meet with you have been very enriching.”

Ganz concluded: “We have been blessed with welcoming the Sukkot festival with a feeling of unity as we embark on five more years of building and developing. There are many tasks ahead. With God’s help, we will continue to achieve and succeed.”