Yitzhak Goldknopf
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Many of the details of the coalition agreement between the United Torah Judaism (UTJ) and Likud parties were published Thursday evening. The agreement includes more than a hundred sections, most of which deal with the fields of religion and state and haredi education.

Among other things, it was determined that the government will enact the Basic law: Torah Study, as well as a law that will override the Supreme Court's ruling concerning the Women of the Wall organization at the Western Wall. In addition, the Law of Return's grandfather clause will be amended and the government will act against commerce on Shabbat.

The agreement stipulates that UTJ will have veto power on issues of religion and state.

In addition, the separation of genders at haredi cultural events and institutions will not be considered discrimination.

The budgets for haredi educational institutions will also be increased to better match the budgets of non-haredi institutions, even if the haredi schools do not teach core studies such as science and math.