Have you ever been to a desert? The infinitely scattered sand has its magnanimous beauty. The Arabian desert in Dubai is perhaps of the most lovely and huge deserts on the planet. And there is no better way to experience its glory than the Dubai desert safari: A thrilling, exciting trip to the desert will leave you awestruck with Arabian heritage and beauty for a lifetime.

From Dubai, you'll embark on a safari through the desert, where your driver will take you on a tour that has been carefully planned by the company that provides this service to show you the most captivating sights of their desert. You'll be so dazzled by what you see during this drive that it may even become one of your favorite memories. Oasis Palm Tourism is an ISO-certified operator in Dubai.

The Desert Safari Experience:

The desert safari in Dubai is a great way to get up close and personal with some of the most beautiful and impressive dunes. When you embark on a desert safari, you'll begin your trip from the hotel in the afternoon. The game drives will be breathtaking and captivating like nothing else you've ever seen! The moment for which you've been waiting is here! Time to experience dune bashing.

After you are picked up from the hotel in a Landcruiser 4×4, you will be driven to various locations. Take lots of pictures while they're still fresh in your mind! Once you reach your breathtaking destination, hop aboard high-speed Landcruisers that defy gravity. Your inner adrenaline junkie will go wild with fun as the vehicle's 4×4 tires climb and descend huge dunes that soar into the sky. The best part about dune bashing is that no two rides are exactly alike, as every trip is different and plentiful, since it's a constantly-shifting landscape of sand and dust!

After your 30-minute dune-bashing adventure, the vehicle will drop you off at a beautiful Bedouin-themed campsite. You can loosen up here for some time on the low-lying loosened-up plan and invigorate yourself. From that point onward, appreciate quad trekking or sandboarding outside the camping area. Camel rides in the desert have their charm, and they remind you of the pleasure of good old desert life. You can also apply henna with the help of henna artists within the campsite.

When the sun sets, the stomach artist and Tanura artist are prepared with their sensational exhibitions. These two dances attract huge attention and love from tourists. There are fire-show artists as well. Their tricks will astound you profoundly. The climate in the camp is vivacious at night.

Beautiful Desert Sites:

Whenever you are picked up from the inn, the vehicle takes you through numerous wonderful spots, particularly on the off chance that you have decided on a night safari. You stop at a beautiful site where the sunset looks most attractive. You can capture the glory of the sun hiding behind big dunes. The desert looks astonishingly beautiful at this time.

Dune Bashing:

Once you reach the safari site, brace yourself for some unbeatable adventure when the vehicle picks up speed and takes you up and down the big and small dunes. You will scream in excitement and feel thrilled, like you are sitting on a big, never-ending roller-coaster ride. The sand splashing all over adds to the excitement. The 30-minute dune bashing will shake every nerve of your body and fill you with happiness from the inside.

Bedouin Campsite:

Once the dune bashing is done, you will be dropped off at a relaxing campsite that is situated inside a beautiful oasis. Here you'll find a rather low-key atmosphere and welcoming features. After a grueling day in the desert, you can kick back and relax while having your friends paint henna on your arms; by nightfall, you'll be ready for an entirely new dimension of entertainment! Just outside of camp, there are plenty of nighttime festivities awaiting your arrival that are sure to keep you smiling well past sunrise.

Fun Activities at Desert Safari Campsite:

Many fun-filled activities await you at the campsite. You can go for a long camel ride with your family and have a feel of how Arabs traveled in ancient days. It is super fun to sit on camelback as you can feel the movements for several minutes after you get down.

Try quad biking near the campsite or slide down from the big dunes on your sandboard if you want a little more adventure, even after dune bashing.

These activities are good for spending some enjoyable moments alone or with your family.

Tanura Show:

As the sun disappears, you will see a beautiful fire show by artists who will give you a complete surprise with their fire stunts. Another dance form that is famous there and done by male dancers will be the next to astonish you.