Arabs rioting in Hevron
Arabs rioting in HevronReuters

The IDF has installed a remote crowd control system that is capable of firing stun grenades, teargas, and foam-tip bullets.

According to Haaretz, the system was installed in Hevron last week and is currently in its pilot phase. It was installed at the end of King David Street (also called Shuhada Street) in the city, at a point where several Palestinian riots have occurred in the past. During the pilot stage, the system will only fire foam-tipped bullets.

The system is controlled by soldiers who are off-site and is currently only in Hevron. Remote-controlled firing systems are currently in use by the IDF in Gaza

The IDF stated: "As part of our attempt to improve our crowd-control tactics in the area, we are checking the option of using a remote crowd-control system". The IDF emphasizes that the system does not use live lethal rounds.

One Palestinian Twitter user was less enthusiastic about the new system, which was created to reduce casualties, writing: "It cannot get anymore dystopian that this. The Israeli army is now using an AI-powered automatic weapon, called Smart Shooter, at a military checkpoint in the old city of Hebron."