IDF enrolment center
IDF enrolment center Yossi Zeliger/FLASH90

In a new exposé, Mesarvot, a radical Left organization, which in its own words, encourages "conscientious objectors who refuse to take part in military service for ideological, conscientious, or political reasons related to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza," has been outed as using the Center for the Development of Peace Initiatives to provide receipts for its donors.

In recent days, the "refuser" movement has begun a mass fundraising campaign. The campaign page announces that "Since its inception in 2016, a network of refusers has accompanied dozens of [draft dodgers] and is in the process of assisting about 10 young people planning to refuse to enlist in the coming months, instead opting to spend time in military prison."

The movement is currently trying to raise NIS 40,000 in donations but recently ran into legal trouble when it comes to issuing receipts. Since "Refuser" has not been able to register as a recognized NGO due to its apparently illegal activities, and Israeli law stating that "anyone encouraging competent individuals to dodge the draft will face a five-year prison term, while "those who do so in times of war are liable to 15 years in jail," it has not been able to issue donation receipts under its own name, failing to specify which association have been behind the receipts.

Israel National News recently learned that the Israel-Palestine: Creative Regional Initiatives (IPCRI) organization has come to the "rescue" of the embattled NGO, helping it generate receipts for the fundraising campaign, thus ensuring that Israel donors receive a certified receipt for their donations.

Adv. Michael Litwok of Betzalmo asked the registrar of associations yesterday (Sunday) to take action against the association, which is allegedly a partner in raising money for illegal purposes, and not for stated reasons of its existence according to its formal mission statement, which claims that it, "promotes peace and human rights through legal advice for families affected by violations of basic rights, lectures, research and the publication of studies on the subject, and works for the establishment of a legal clinic in collaboration with an academic institution and in collaboration with lawyers to provide legal assistance and advice."

"Information that has come to light indicates that the association is transferring funds to an illegal organization helping draft dodgers in violation of the Penal Code," he noted.

"Since the organization is not [authorized under Israeli law], it's undertaken to [launder] money and issue receipts through [a third party], the Center for the Development of Peace Initiatives," he noted. "This is an [illegal] fundraising operation...I cannot see any way that this can be carried out in a legal fashion," stated Litwok.