Leaderless Dems – desperately seeking a mensch
Leaderless Dems – desperately seeking a mensch

Maybe I need to do another search, but so far, I can’t find a single Democrat man enough, or woman enough, to call out Rep. Ilhan Omar for downplaying 9/11 as “some people did something.” Nothing, or nothing much, from Schumer and Pelosi, down to the openly gay or openly gutless candidates running for 2020.

The openly anti-Semitic Omar knows how to play the game. She has feelings, too. She is sensitive and hurts so easily. So don’t you dare upset her.

Being a “woman of color,” as she describes herself, gives her immunity. Except that “a woman of color” has always referred to homegrown African-Americans, like Rosa Parks, people who fought for their civil rights across the centuries. It is an insult for a woman just off the boat from Somalia to cash in on such hard-fought turf.

Yet if you confront Omar, as President Trump recently did, you will have unleashed the furies…aka Rep. Rashida Tlaib and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, among the others who game the system as “victims.” They will call you racist and islamophobic and whatever else is fashionable at the moment as an invective.

True to form, about Omar, The New York Times finds only perfection, the guilt entirely Trump’s for “his familiar refrain against Muslims.”  

So far as the Times and its world of Radical Progressives, forget 9/11. Nobody did nothin’. Or blame Trump for bringing it up.

As to a voice of reason…as to a mensch in the room…silence.

Did I say silence? Not at all. Not when it comes to Israel. Then they find their tongues and speak up. Crookedly.

For the malice of it all, I recommend, I urge as required reading colleague Stephen Flatow’s inspired put-down of four Democrat legislators, Jewish, I believe, who scolded Benjamin Netanyahu and warned him against extending sovereignty to the Jewish communities of Judea/Samaria, upon which he campaigned.

There was no time to congratulate the prime minister for his big win…so much the rush to tell him no…no…no…must not touch this.

Know them as Reps Eliot Engel, Nita Lowey, Ted Deutch and Brad Schneider…or Jewish Lite.

Jewish Lite, come to think of it, is pretty much where we find too many American Jews today.

This land, they tell Israelis, is not your land. This land is their land. It belongs to the PLO…and to Islamic Jihad…and to Hamas…and to Iran.

From back here in Washington, say these legislators, we will be watching you over there in Israel, to be sure you behave like good little ghetto-dwellers -- as it was in the good old days, when Jews were assigned and confined to particular districts from which they were forbidden to expand.

Twenty-two surrounding countries for the Arabs; not enough. One country for the Jews; too much. Therefore, presto, Two-State Solution.  

Which as we all know is a prescription for a Final Solution.

Is splitting the land in half okay for other Jewish-American leaders – leftists all? Absolutely. In fact, they insist.

Hours after Netanyahu was re-elected, nine Jewish groups sent a letter to President Trump in which they demanded that he ”restrain Netanyahu” and stick to their Two-State Solution.

Yes, they demanded that he interfere in Israeli decision-making… the ADL/Anti-Defamation League among those who signed on.

Separately, at around the same time, Alan Dershowitz tweeted his own support for a Two-State Solution…and he is always popularly referred to as “a friend of the Jewish State.”

Make that…half a Jewish State for his full friendship.

So it goes, Jewish logic, as per Democrats, who think Hamas firebomb-balloons over Gaza should include firebomb-kites over Ben Gurion Airport.

A two-state solution would mean trick or treat every day for the Israelis.

This is exhausting. Some days you just want to give up.

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes regularly for Arutz Sheva.

He is the author of the international book-to-movie bestseller “Indecent Proposal.” His latest is the newsroom drama “News Anchor Sweetheart.”  His Inside Journalism thriller, “The Bathsheba Deadline,” is being prepared for the movies. Contemporaries have hailed him “The last Hemingway, a writer without peer, and the conscience of us all.” Website: www.jackengelhard.com