UN Resolution 2334: Obama unleashed
UN Resolution 2334: Obama unleashed

Although Egypt was ultimately persuaded to abandon it, the Obama administration refused to veto the UN’s punitive pro-Palestinian resolution against Israel. Here is Obama unleashed, displaying his loyalty to the Muslim world and his contempt, hostility, even hatred for the Jewish state.

This resolution represents a Muslim and an Islamist point of view; a politically correct Western point of view; and a very United Nations point of view.

Four temporary members of the Security Council  (countries that are almost completely “judenrein”), rushed forward to re-introduce it: Muslim-majority Malaysia, and Senegal, and New Zealand and Venezuela. Ten members of the Security Council joined these co-sponsors and voted for it.

This resolution is the poisoned fruit of decades of Big Lie propaganda funded by Arab Muslims and by left-wing Westerners. It is beyond the “Zionist=Racism” resolution, beyond the goon squads at the 1980 Copenhagen World Conference, beyond the mob riots against Israel at the 2000 UN conference in Durban.

The UN has been effective in only one thing: Legitimizing and legalizing Jew-hatred in the world.
I have no idea what legal power this resolution—or any UN resolution--really has internationally. The UN has been unable to stop—or to effectively prosecute--a single atrocity, including genocide, that member nations have committed since the UN came into being. It has never even attempted to punish those who practice gender and religious apartheid. The most barbaric Muslim-on-Muslim violence and Muslim-on-infidel violence has never been addressed by the United Nations.

Indeed, as I have written many times, the UN has been effective in only one thing: Legitimizing and legalizing Jew-hatred in the world.

This Resolution is cognitively equivalent to Hitler’s diabolical lesson of May, 1939, when he sent 937 Jews out of Germany on the doomed luxury ship, the  St. Louis. Cuba refused to honor its promise to allow the primarily German Jews, who had visas, to de-board; FDR, (so foolishly beloved by Jews), refused to allow the ship to dock in nearby Florida. The captain, Gustav Schroder, had no choice but to return to Europe. Schroder docked in Antwerp; some Jews stayed there, some made their way to England, France, and Holland. Soon enough, two hundred and fifty four of these refugees--precious Jewish souls--were murdered by the Nazis.

Hitler said, in effect: “Okay, world. You want to save the Jews? Take them, here they are.” But there were no takers. Hitler then knew that he was free to do whatever to the Jews. He murdered six million of us with the world’s approval and indifference. Other than the blessed handful of righteous Gentiles, the heroic and sacrificial actions of the  Jewish Palestinians in Holocaust-era Europe, and the various Jewish refugee rescue groups—the entire civilian world stood by and did nothing. I hesitate to describe this world as “civilized.”

The fourteen countries that have just voted in favor of singling Israel out for committing an “international crime” against the Palestinian people by building alleged “settlements” on alleged  “Palestinian” land;  and Obama’s United States, who let it be known that his Ambassador would not exercise its veto power, are all saying to the world: “We view Israel’s Jews and the renting of land to Jews or Jews who build on their own Holy Land, as criminals. Arrest them wherever you can. Boycott them at will. We will not stop you nor will we help the Jews.  Stab, shoot, car-ram and blow them up. We see that you are in the right.“

Clearly, unbelievably, Europe has still not yet realized that, if they once more sacrifice Jews to an evil fate that they themselves will soon inherit the same whirlwind of Muslim terror; that welcoming Muslim refugees in the 21st century (while refusing to welcome the Arab and central Asian Christians who are being persecuted by Muslims), cannot atone for all the anti-Jewish pogroms, the European Holocaust, or for their own previous colonialist history. Europe has a problem, but this is not the solution. This is civilizational suicide.

The majority of UN member states are either failed entities and/or dictatorships which are cruel to their own people and to all those whom they view as their enemies.    

In my view, President Trump’s administration should cease funding the United Nations; withdraw all favors being currently rendered to its corrupt and incompetent personnel; demand that the UN leave Turtle Bay and re-locate to  Geneva—or Uganda.

And that’s just for starters.