President Herzog with Magev fighters at a meeting at the Friends of Israel Museu
President Herzog with Magev fighters at a meeting at the Friends of Israel MuseuShimon Yair Cohen

President Isaac (Herzog visited the Friends of Zion Museum this week. The President was very impressed by the museum, the advanced multimedia exhibits that combine unique design, technology and effects; as well as the museum's Zionist story that combines the stories of heroism and kindness of non-Jews who acted in any way they could, in the face of personal hardships, to return the Jewish people to their homeland and prosperity, throughout the years from the biblical promise, through different periods, to the present days.

Later, the President visited the "Warrior" exhibition in memory of Hadas Malka, a border police soldier who was killed in a terrorist attack at the Nablus Gate, about four and a half years ago. Hadas was a role model and inspiration to those around her. The power, activism, sensitivity, determination, and daring were an integral part of her, as well as the wide smile that never left her lips.

Herzog received a full explanation from Hadas' parents about the exhibition, and went through all the exhibits that illustrate who Hadas was.

In a meeting with about 100 fighters from the Border Police and the Home Front Command, and dozens of trainees from the pre-military preparatory school where Hadas studied, the men and women soldiers told the President what it was like for them to be fighters.

The President, referring to the fact that this was his first visit to the Friends of Zion Museum, told the young people that "the story of our country is a special story, a story of all ethnicities, a multifaceted story, and what unites us is a shared vision of Shivat Zion - the Jewish people returning to Zion and the friends who helped our people throughout history. "The Friends of Zion Museum tells the story of the Jewish people and the friends who believe in the Return to Zion. The founder of this museum is a Christian who believes in the return of Zion and the State of Israel and works hard for the state." Herzog added.

Herzog referred to the stories told by the warriors and the exhibition 'Warrior', and told them about his excitement to see how young Hadas Malka was so mature, loving the people of Israel and loving the Land of Israel. "Hadas spoke about the love of man, the love of the land, which is why I am so moved by the story in the room - and I think it's symbolic that we meet this week in particular, as we feel the pain of the families of the dead - the Druze family of Yazan Fallah, the French family of Shirel Aboukaret, the families From India, Morocco, and the Soviet Union, and many more. This is the Israeli story of Kibbutz Galuyot. You must be willing to take a risk on your life to protect the country, and I am proud of you for what you do. You face many difficult situations, looking each and every person in the eye. To be successful in the job, you need good defense, and I am proud of you for who and what you are."