Recording artists meet with Minister Tropper
Recording artists meet with Minister Tropper Nacht Family Foundation

Leading recording artists from Israel’s music industry met with Minister of Culture and Sport Chili Tropper in Jerusalem last Wednesday to promote Israel’s 'Music Law', aimed at securing government funding for the Israeli music industry.

The legislation – similar to that of the Israeli Film Law - aims to ensure direct taxpayer funding for the music industry. Under the proposed legislation, a dedicated budget from the government will be allocated to preserving and stabilizing Israel's music industry, which employs approximately 150,000 varied professionals.

Tropper, reaffirmed his support for the artists and committed to cooperating with them in advancing the bill. “I was glad to meet with the artists today, and I am confident that our fruitful cooperation, which began when I became Minister of Culture, will continue,” Tropper said.

Participants included artists Micha Sheetrit, Shuli Rand, Miri Mesika, Kobi Oz, Shai Tsabari and Nitzan Zeira, and Adv. Inbar Nacht, President of the Nacht Family Foundation, who has been heading the team of attorneys working on this initiative for the past year.

Nacht Philanthropic Ventures CEO Nachman Rosenberg, who attended the meeting, lauded the Minister, saying: “We are thankful for your support in this historic initiative to preserve our national culture, as other countries do. We are not seeking handouts, but rather cooperation in making Israels music industry stable and sustainable".

During the meeting, Miri Mesika said, "I don't want great artists to feel as though they are being suffocated in an unjust fight for survival".

“It is becoming increasingly difficult for Israeli artists like myself to create artistically authentic Israeli songs. This must change”, said Shuli Rand.

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