Ukrainian refugees in Lviv waiting to enter Poland
Ukrainian refugees in Lviv waiting to enter Poland REUTERS

Over three million Ukrainians have fled their homes since Russia invaded the country late last month, the United Nations reported Tuesday.

More than two million Ukrainian refugees have left the country since the war began 12 days ago, with the vast majority finding shelter in neighboring countries – including nearly 100,000 in Russia.

According to current United Nations estimates, there are 1,204,000 Ukrainian refugees in Poland, 191,000 in Hungary, 141,000 in Slovakia, 99,000 in Russia, 83,000 in Moldova, 82,000 in Romania, and 453 in Belarus, a neighboring country which is considered to be a client state of Russia.

In addition, more than 183,000 Ukrainians have crossed through neighboring countries and are now located in other European states.

Along with the more than two million refugees who have left the country, more than one million additional Ukrainian civilians have fled their homes, becoming internally displaced refugees within Ukraine.

Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian civilians have streamed into Lviv, on the western edge of the country, following bombings in other cities to the east. On Monday, the mayor of Lviv said the city had reached its limit in terms of how many refugees it can absorb.

European Union officials estimate that the number of refugees is likely to climb to seven million, the BBC reported Tuesday.