Rabbi reuven Spolter
Rabbi reuven Spolter Courtesy

Do you know about the daily Mishnah Project?

This week in the Mishnah Yomit learning program, we begin studying Masechet Demai.

In learning the first chapter of Mishnah Demai, I realized that the Mishnah really bothered me. Something seemed "missing".

After thinking about it, I think I understand (perhaps) the unspoken message that Rebbe - Rabbi Yehudah HaNasi - was trying to teach us. This is what I learned.

Rabbi Reuven Spolter is the Founder and Director of the Mishnah Project (Mishnah.co) and of Kitah.org, the Online Jewish Classroom for Families. To join the Mishnah Project Whatsapp group for free and receive two Mishnah videos daily, visit bit.ly/dailymishnah

This series is dedicated in memory of Rabbi Spolter's father, Rav Simcha ben Yitzchak Kalman.