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New York City is offering $100 in cash to everyone who gets a COVID booster shot by the end of the secular year.

In one of his last addresses in office, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the move during a COVID briefing. The cash incentive applies to all those who get the shot at a city-run vaccine site.

De Blasio added that his health taskforce expects the current COVID wave to intensify before declining relatively swiftly, even within the month. Meanwhile, according to NBC New York, hospitalizations are up around 12 percent this week.

"Everyone who has not been vaccinated, it's time. Everyone who has not gotten that booster, it's time. This city is ready to make sure everyone gets that booster and that's the way we move through these challenging few weeks," de Blasio said on Tuesday. "No more shutdowns. We've been through them, they were devasting, we can't go through it again. We need to all work together these next few weeks."

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