British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Sunday decried anti-Semitism in a video message released in honor of the first night of Hanukkah.

“The very happiest of Hanukkahs to everyone who’s lighting the menorah this week, and for the Jewish community, it’s time to fry some latkes, spin some dreidels and remember the triumph of Judah and his band of Maccabees, who didn’t have the numbers in their favor but who came out on top thanks to a tactical nous and a rock solid belief in the righteousness of their cause,” said Johnson.

Hanukkah, he added, “is a great opportunity to celebrate our fantastic Jewish community and all they bring to British life and to reflect on what we all need to do to preserve that. Because the Seleucids weren’t the first to try to erase Judaism, they certainly and tragically, weren’t the last.”

“This Hanukkah let’s all light a candle for our Jewish friends and family, neighbors and colleagues, and together let’s drive away the darkness of anti-Semitism, not just for the next eight days, but every day. Chag Sameach,” concluded Johnson.