Masih Alinejad
Masih AlinejadChannel 12 News

Masih Alinejad, a journalist who was recently the target of a planned abduction by Iranian agents in the United States of America, gave an interview to Channel 12 News correspondent Yuna Leibzon about the incident. After hearing of an Iranian plot foiled on American soil, she says she no longer has any doubts about Iran's capabilities.

"I was confused at first," she says. "I came to the US to be free of Iran. I see now that if you criticize the regime, it doesn't matter where you are." According to official documents from the case, the Iranian cell tracked her and her family to her home and carried out extensive surveillance in preparation for the attack.

"Of course I'm scared," Masih says. "This is the same regime that has killed millions of women. They are a crazed dictatorship, but if they won't give up, I won't give up. I can either be miserable myself or make my oppressors feel miserable, and I choose the latter."

This unusual incident drew worldwide media attention, including a statement from the White House, which condemned the plot and promised to 'forcefully defend American citizens and Interests'. Masih tells Channel 12 News correspondent Yuna Leibzon that it beaks her heart to see the United States once again negotiating a deal with Iran.

"They provoked the United States on its own land. The administration should take a stronger stance against that," she says.

Masih's family has been arrested and interrogated by the Iranian government and forced to disavow her publicly, but she continues her work to promote public awareness nonetheless. She insists that people in Iran, unlike their government, have no grudge against Israel.

"We the people of Iran have nothing against Israel. The Iranian government is trying to create hatred between us, but the people of Iran have been taking to the streets chanting 'Our enemy is here!'. I personally would love to visit Israel," Masih concludes with a smile.