The Jerusalem District Court sentenced Yasmine Jaber, a resident of eastern Jerusalem, to two and a half years in prison, for being in contact with the Hezbollah terrorist organization.

Jaber, a former National Library employee who was arrested about a year ago by the Shin Bet, was activated by the Iranian Quds Force and Hezbollah in an attempt to recruit Arabs from Israel for the organization.

According to the indictment, Jaber met with a foreign agent at a cafe in al-Dahiya and agreed to act for Hezbollah. "knowingly had contact with foreign agents without reasonable explanation for this and was a member of the terrorist organization, took part in the organization's activities and carried out activities for the organization in order to promote its activities and also carried out property operations to help promote or fund a serious terrorist offense and terrorist organization activities."

During her interrogation, Jaber denied being recruited by the terrorist organizations. On her meeting with Hezbollah members and the Quds Force, she told investigators: ""I knew them as part of a friendly relationship and not to intend to enlist in any organization. I did not know that they were associated with one organization or another."

Along with Jaber, other suspects were arrested for questioning, including residents of eastern Jerusalem and Ramallah, who were suspected of being involved in activities within a squad led by Jaber,

The investigation revealed that Hezbollah is organizing Palestinian Arab youth conferences in Lebanon to locate potential recruits from Israel and Judea and Samaria, to promote terrorist activity in Israel.

During the investigation, it emerged that Jaber had been identified and marked by Hezbollah members as part of her participation in a conference she attended in Lebanon in 2015. It also emerged that in order to maintain the confidentiality of her identity, she received an operational nickname by the unit - "Racheel."

During another visit by Jaber to Lebanon in 2016, Ataya Abu Samhadna and Muhammad al-Hajj Musa, known as operatives in the joint terrorist unit of al Quds and Hezbollah, linked her to a senior terrorist operative in this unit known as Fares Awda.

"Fares Awda" is the nickname of Jafar Kabisi in the Hezbollah organization, which is known to be involved in further attempts to recruit people in Israel and Judea and Samaria for terrorist activities.

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