Lod Yossi Aloni/Flash90

During the weekend, a large number of violent incidents against Jews took place in the city of Lod, about a month after the riots that took place in the city, according to the Garin Torani (Torah Core) group in the city.

On Friday morning, during a game hour in the yard of a Jewish kindergarten in the Neve Zeit neighborhood of Lod, two Arab boys who passed next to the kindergarten tightly attached a 4.5-year-old boy to the bars of the yard and threatened him. The kindergarten teacher noticed the incident and ran towards the fence but the boys fled.

It was also reported that a messenger from the Wolt company who was on his way to make a delivery was attacked in a park where a gang of rioters was staying. The delivery man managed to escape, and was then evacuated for medical treatment.

It was also reported that stones were thrown from the Ganei Aviv bridge at night for about 45 minutes, without a police response, according to residents. Several vehicle windows were smashed.

"We demand from the police and the municipality of Lod to maintain the safety of our children. This is not an excessive demand. We expect the new Israeli government to implement a national plan for the city of Lod, which will include the removal of illegal weapons in the city of Lod, security and prevention of violence," said residents.

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