The family's attorney at Monday's hearing
The family's attorney at Monday's hearingFlash90

The Tel Aviv Military Court on Monday held a hearing on the intelligence officer who died in prison.

The details of the officer's indictment have been under gag order.

At the beginning of the hearing, the military prosecution announced that it would allow the officer's family members to examine the indictment against him, with the exception of certain censored details.

An IDF representative said that "the indictment will be handed to the family today, as per their request. We are dealing with a tragic, difficult, and shocking event, and we send our honest condolences to the family members."

The family's attorney said: "This was a young officer, a good kid, a brilliant boy who was very humble, who did not exactly understand the significance of the actions he took. We hope that we will be able to share additional details following the hearing."

On Sunday night, the military prosecution requested to limit the gag order on the case. If the request is approved, information regarding the officer's identity and the circumstances of his death will be allowed to be publicized.

The family, which has also not been updated on the details of the case, on Monday morning requested that the military prosecution update them on the findings of the investigation prior to the decision on the gag order.