Elyasaf Peretz
Elyasaf Peretz Tomer Ben Avi

Elyasaf Peretz, son of presidential candidate and Israel Prize laureate Miriam Peretz, is convinced that were Israel's citizens able to choose their president, his mother would win the election.

"Maybe Mom isn't coming from a political place, but she is the one the people have already chosen," he told Galei Zahal. "The Knesset is supposed to represent that choice. There is a system of interests here that I did not know about, it's something that needs to be learned."

"There are people who chose greatness, and there are people upon whom greatness was forced. This greatness was forced on Mom. The people need the messages of faith, Zionism, and love of the Land."

The presidential elections, in which only Knesset members vote, are scheduled for Wednesday, June 2.

On Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will meet with Miriam Peretz, and on Monday he is scheduled to meet with Jewish Agency Chairman Isaac Herzog, who is running head-to-head with Peretz for the presidency.

Netanyahu is not expected to express support for either candidate, though prominent Likud figures are pressing him to officially support Peretz's run.

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