Israel-UAE iStock

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) stands ready to facilitate peace efforts between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, i24NEWS reported on Sunday, citing Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al-Nayhan.

Sheikh Mohamed reportedly told Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi in a phone call that the UAE "is ready to work with all parties to preserve the ceasefire [in Gaza] and find new ways to reduce escalation and achieve peace."

The call was meant to express the UAE's support for Egypt's efforts to broker a ceasefire between Israel and the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza that took effect early Friday after 11 days of fighting that saw over 4,000 rockets fired at Israeli civilians and in response an intense bombing campaign of terrorist targets in the Strip.

The UAE and Israel normalized ties as part of the Abraham Accords which were signed during the Trump administration.

Peace talks between Israel and the PA have been frozen since 2014. Efforts under the Obama Administration to broker a peace agreement failed that year when the PA unilaterally applied to join international organizations in breach of the conditions of the talks.

The Biden administration has called on both sides to refrain from unilateral steps that could harm peace efforts. Secretary of State Antony Blinken recently told Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi the US believes in a two-state solution to solve the Israel-Palestinian Arab conflict.