The Israeli embassy in Beijing has denounced China’s state broadcaster for airing “blatant anti-Semitism” in a feature on US policy toward Israel.

On Tuesday, CGTN presenter Zheng Junfeng gave a report regarding the ongoing situation in Israel and Gaza during the last two weeks. He said that “some people think that the pro-Israel policy of the United States is linked to the influence of wealthy Jews in the United States and the Jewish lobby on US foreign policymakers,” reported Channel News Asia.

He also said that American Jews “Jews dominate the financial, media, and Internet industries.”

Zheng also claimed that the US sought to undercut China geopolitically by using Israel as a Middle East “bridgehead” to defeat pan-Arabism.

CGTN is the English-language division of Chinese state broadcaster CCTV.

Israel’s diplomatic mission in Beijing responded with several tweets, slamming the station’s report and saying it was "appalled to see blatant anti-Semitism expressed in an official Chinese media outlet.”

"The claims expressed in the video are racist and dangerous, and should be avoided by any media outlet that respects itself," they tweeted.

The Israeli embassy has not yet heard back from CGTN, which is run for foreign audiences, spokesperson Erez Katz Volovelsky told the Algemeiner.