How does one connect to the light of Shavuot?
How does one connect to the light of Shavuot?Flash 90

The festive day of Shavuot follows seven weeks of the daily counting of the Omer, a count toward the day of the Jewish people's acceptance of the Torah at Mount Sinai. The special light that shined upon the Jewish people on that special occasion in our nation's history continues to absorb us every year as we mark Shavuot. This light provides us an opportunity to connect to the Torah as if we, ourselves, were standing at the foot of Mount Sinai at the very moment

But how do we truly unite with the Torah? How do we approach the night's learning to reach new levels in our connection with Hashem?

Rabbi Zalman Melamed writes that, "In order to receive the yoke of Torah, an individual must free himself of all previously held opinions and accept its words for what they are". This task, he says, requires one to remain modest, leaving all external influences out of their leanings.

In addition, a necessary preamble for fully embracing the Torah is, "a willingness to labor and exert oneself - for the Torah is huge. It is deep and wide, and it can only be acquired through the investment of much energy".

Rabbi Chaim Yerucham Smotrich explains that, "the elevation of the Jewish people’s spiritual level to one of Torah study and its fulfillment is completely dependent upon the amount of preparation invested in receiving the Torah. The greater, deeper, and more serious our preparation, the greater our chances of meriting to ascend to the highest rungs of the Torah ladder," he writes.

A different approach to receiving the Torah is described by Rabbi S. Yossef Weitzen who explains why Moshe was commanded to place boundaries before Mount Sinai during God's granting of the Torah to the Jewish people, and answers by stating, "If man does not prepare himself by acknowledging the fact that there are things beyond his comprehension, things that are impossible to grasp, things that are beyond all knowledge that he can only attain through the study of Torah - if Man does not prepare himself in this regard, there exists the danger that after one receives the Torah at Sinai, he may get the impression the he, himself, is equal to the Torah".

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