Israeli Tamar gas rig
Israeli Tamar gas rig Flash 90

Chevron has shut down the Tamar natural gas platform off the coast of Israel following the rockets fired from Gaza and Israeli air strikes in response, reported Reuters.

The closure on Wednesday of Tamar comes at the request of the Israeli energy ministry, Chevon said in a statement.

"In accordance with instructions received from the Ministry of Energy, we have shut in and depressurized the Tamar platform," a Chevron spokesperson said in a comment emailed to S&P Global Platts.

"Chevron's top priority is the safety of our personnel, our facilities, and the environment of the communities in which we operate."

Chevron is monitoring the situation closely. The energy corporation said it is focused on ensuring the continuation of a “safe and reliable supply of gas” for the Israeli domestic market and regional customers.

The temporary closure of Tamar will not impact Chevron’s larger Leviathan gas field.

The Tamar platform is closer to Gaza while Leviathan is further north, close to Haifa’s port.

"We are continuing to supply customers from Leviathan and are working with customers and the relevant regulatory bodies to ensure that gas supplies continue in a safe and reliable manner," said the spokesperson.

Gas from the Tamar platform travels through a pipeline to an onshore terminal located in Ashdod. From their it flows to the domestic market through the INGL national gas pipeline.