Video: Guardian News

A 32-year man suspected of being under the influence of drugs crashed his car into Albania's Skanderbeg Square in the heart of its capital city Tirana yesterday (Sunday, April 25). The massive 40,000-square plaza hosts the local city hall, Museum of Natural History, the nation's Ministries of Agriculture, Economy, and Infrastructure, just to name a few.

According to reports, the man, who had previously crashed three separate vehicles in three other locations across the city, drove his car in the pedestrian area of the square, as onlookers scampered to get out of his way.

The attacker was finally neutralized when 22-year-old Klodian Elqeni, who immediately became an internet sensation, was seen overpowering the driver after jumping feet-first into the car.

According to police, no injuries were reported in the incident. During the subsequent search of the vehicle, a package containing marijuana was found and seized from the suspect.

Preliminary exit polls indicated Albania's ruling Socialist Party was on track to secure a third term for Prime Minister Edi Rama, getting 46.9% of the vote and providing him a slight majority.