Sarah Halimi
Sarah Halimi Courtesy of the family

Following the decision of a court in France not to try the murderer of Sarah Halimi, her Israeli sister intends to contact the Israeli legal authorities in order to conduct the trial in Israel.

The family's lawyers intend to apply to the Israeli legal establishment on behalf of Sarah's sister, who has Israeli citizenship, based on the law against anti-Semitic crimes committed abroad and reported by an Israeli citizen.

French MP Meyer Habib, who revealed the murder to the general public after it was not reported in France, said on Thursday, "Sarah Halimi's killer will sooner or later be a free man. I still hope the killer is tried in France but if that does not happen, I would rather have a trial in Israel than not have a trial at all."

"After President Macron's remarks, we in Parliament will probably be able to change the law but it will not be retroactive. This situation has no precedent. How does a murderer with no psychiatric past evade trial because of drugs? Terrorists who are on drugs and carry out attacks will not be tried? Israel is a state governed by the rule of law and is also the only life insurance certificate that the Jewish people in the world have," he added.

Habib added, "Even if we are not talking about the same crimes, Israel went as far as Argentina in order to try Eichmann. Sarah Halimi deserves to have her killer tried and punished. How can her family mourn when the killer is expected to be released without trial?"