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John F. Kennedy had it right when he said, "Only an educated public and informed people will be a free people." To prove his point, just look at the first industry the most odious dictators of recent memory sought to control as they gobbled up their countries and enslaved their peoples.

Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro and Hugo Chavez all set their sights on the mainstream media as their first target. They dominated, manipulated, reined in and finally regulated the media to screen and contaminate the flow of all sorts of information to their constituents. Basically, whatever " false truths" they wanted to disseminate, they used the media to do their dirty work. Capitalism was bad, communism and fascism were good. Jews were evil, the German-Aryan-race was superior. The West, including America was bad, the Soviet Empire was good.

Sadly, today, a vast majority of our own media is currently being used to indoctrinate our people to think along the lines of the Political, Radical, Progressive, Leftist Democrats.

Frankly, our current media, now larger and more of a potent force than that utilized by the above tyrants, is rapidly becoming disturbingly dangerous. Its credibility is gone. Now we can throw into the media dumpster even our entertainment industry which brainwashes their zombie-like viewers with socially engineered movies, TV shows and "cultural" indoctrination from the cradle up.

We mean the phony educational junk that Disney, PBS and NPR purposefully infuse our youth with to tattoo them for life as Progressives. Our kids are fed the lies of social justice, #Metoo and infusions of anti-American, anti-gun, anti-family, anti White and anti-religion propaganda from the cradle up. A rather simple but crucial task to keep people enslaved by their own beliefs.

The repetitive programming that emanates from political offices down to the media's networks and websites, if you'll note, pumps the news cycle with the same stories each day. What the NYT has on its front page will be the top stories for the next 24 hours. We've got to become more aware of what's "real news."

Here are some suggestions:

-Be aware of inherent bias in reporting and stick to media that delivers quality news stories.

-Read up on and investigate which sources have a high level of bias and which are objective in their reporting.

-Enjoy opinion based programming with a grain of salt, knowing they have a narrative to push.

-Fact check whenever possible, even if you trust the source. Hunt down the truth.

-Question what you see on the internet and be aware of satire or fake news websites that promote false stories.

Just remember how the nation was caught up with the following hoaxes which were all ultimately proven false. "Trayvon Martin," "Hands up, don't shoot," Russian collusion," "Jussie Smollett," "Brett Kavanaugh," "The Covington kids," and finally, "Trump has no chance of winning!"

Trust no source until you check up on the facts with other sources. Good luck and stay free!