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For the first time since COVID-19 closed down sporting events, close to 60 runners of Team Lifeline Israel will participate in a special marathon initiated by "Chaiyanu"an organization, which helps cancer patients and their families, and Chai Lifeline Israel. It is slated to include six different parts of a half marathon and is expected to take place in the Adulam Park area near Beit Shemesh.

The race organizers received special approval for its existence, thanks to a special set of rules approved by the Israel Police, where the runners will be required to follow the instructions of the police and the Ministry of Health and will run in 6 different capsules.

Elad Maimon, CEO of "Chaiyanu" and Chai Lifeline Israel, commented, "Every year we hold a race whose entire income is dedicated to continuing to help children with cancer and their families. Last year, after 9 consecutive years of taking part of the Jerusalem marathon, with our Team Lifeline Israel, we had to cancel the event just as COVID-19 broke out in the country. I am happy that our tenth marathon in support of the families will be the first sporting event since the virus broke out. The runners and entire staff of Chaiyanu and Team Lifeline Israel are counting the minutes until the starting buzzer.”