Nael Zoabi
Nael Zoabi Likud

Nael Zoabi (49), a veteran educator who served as a school principal, will become the first Muslim Israeli citizen to join the Likud list for the upcoming Knesset elections and will be placed 39th on the list.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said that "a few weeks ago, I called in Nazareth for a new era for the Arab citizens of Israel, who are an integral part of Israeli society. Nael Zoabi will lead our efforts for the benefit of the Arab citizens of Israel from within the Likud: the implementation of our program to combat crime and violence, and the improvement of the lives of the Arab citizens of Israel in all areas - education, health and welfare."

"The Arab citizens of Israel come to the Likud because only the Likud under my leadership has brought them tremendous achievements: NIS 15 billion in investments, nine police stations and four historic peace agreements. We have a lot more to do for them and we will do it together. Arab citizens of Israel are tired of wasting their votes on opposition parties. Only the Likud is committed to improving their lives, and that is exactly what has been done," Netanyahu promised.

Nael Zoabi said: "I am very excited and proud to be part of the Likud movement. Thank you to Prime Minister Netanyahu for the trust and for the fact that in recent years he has done much for the Arab sector in Israel and their integration into society, and we are seeing the results on the ground."

"My integration in the Likud movement is an expression of trust in the Arabs of Israel. Israeli Arabs want to be part of the success and therefore also join the Likud and the ruling party. I pledge with all my might to serve the Arab and Jewish citizens of Israel alike, "Zoabi added.

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