police enforce lockdown
police enforce lockdown Nati Shohat/Flash90

Coalition Chairman MK Miki Zohar expressed strong support Sunday morning for the Health Ministry's position that the current lockdown must be tightened to combat the rise in coronavirus morbidity in Israel.

"The request of the Minister of Health from the government to vote for a full lockdown for two weeks is an important and correct move that can return Israel to a normal routine," Zohar claimed.

MK Zohar added, “If his request is granted, we could be the first in the world to open up the economy and that is of great importance. Along with adequate and substantial monetary compensation for businesses, the lockdown will be a necessary and effective move. Anyone who opposes is a populist."

Health Minister Yuli Edelstein said on Saturday night that he intends to propose to the government that a full lockdown be imposed for two weeks, in view of the increase in cases of coronavirus and the discovery of the more contagious British mutation of the virus in Israel.

The Health Minister's Office said that "in the face of a significant and alarming increase in morbidity and the number of serious patients, and the discovery of mutations, Health Minister Edelstein intends to bring a government proposal for a full lockdown for a short period of two weeks. This is in light of the recommendation of the professionals of the ministry. The Minister of Health calls on all decision-makers to act responsibly and to refrain from election-related populism."

At the moment it appears that there is no majority in the Coronavirus Cabinet to approve a closure of schools.

On Friday, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu criticized some of the ministers in the government and said, "Unfortunately, due to populist and political reasons, there are politicians who have prevented us from implementing the tight lockdown we want to impose in order to save hundreds of lives. I call on the politicians to come to their senses and on the public to get vaccinated."

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