Stress and anxiety in wake of Covid-19
Stress and anxiety in wake of Covid-19iStock

The age of technology has brought with it a continuous rise in stress and anxiety but the current Coronavirus pandemic has taken it to a new high. Many people seek methods of reducing stress through exercise, meditation and more but it’s a continuous battle and the available solutions are partial and require time and patience that most stressed people don’t really have.

A new mobile app called MindReset, released lately to the market, seems to not only reduce stress and anxiety but to do so in just 2 minutes. The app, available for both Android and iPhone devices, uses mobile eye tracking technology, developed by Israeli company Umoove, to implement a unique method of working with the mind, developed over the past 20 years, by Matt Hudson, a British behavioral change consultant. The app uses the mobile camera to observe the user's nonverbal responses to stress and then interrupts the flow of how the brain reacts resulting in a fast reduction in physiological stress.

Lately, a test was carried out on users wearing Garmin watches that track stress levels. During the first week of using MindReset app, for just a few minutes a day, over 90% of the users showed decrease in their daily average stress levels. The impact of the app was immediate and the watches showed significant drop in stress levels just moments after using the app.

“Anxiety and chronic stress are growing rapidly worldwide, especially lately with the COVID-19 pandemic and all that comes with it. Continued high levels of stress lead to many mental and physical diseases. So, there is a growing need for a simple, quick and healthy way to reduce stress.” says Matt Hudson. “There are many meditation apps out there, but most people don’t have time or patience to meditate effectively. So, a solution that is both effective but only takes moments is just what is needed”.