IDF seals off room used by Nizmi Abu Bakr
IDF seals off room used by Nizmi Abu BakrIDF spokesperson

The Israeli army sealed off part of the home of a Palestinian Arab terrorist who murdered an IDF soldier earlier this year.

Operating in the Palestinian Authority-controlled town of Yabad in Samaria before dawn Wednesday morning, IDF forces sealed off a room used by Nizmi Abu Bakr, the 49-year-old terrorist who murdered Sergeant Amit Ben Yigal on May 12th of this year.

During an IDF arrest operation in May which Ben Yigal was helping to secure, the terrorist dropped a 10 kilogram (22 pound) cinder block from his roof down onto Ben Yigal, hitting the IDF soldier in the head and fatally injuring him.

While the IDF had planned to demolish the terrorist's home, in August, the Israeli Supreme Court accepted an appeal by the terrorist's family and blocked the demolition plan.