Simchat Torah celebrations (archive)
Simchat Torah celebrations (archive) צילום: ערוץ 7

The Health Ministry presented updated guidelines for the Simchat Torah holiday, which begins Friday night.

Gatherings in open areas will be limited to 20 people, and only within 1,000 meters of the attendee's house.

If there are several groups of worshipers, they should be at a distance of at least 20 meters from the other groups.

The hakafot, rounds of dancing with the Torah scroll which are held on Simchat Torah, may be held, but participants must maintain a distance of at least two meters between each other. People who hold the Torah scroll must disinfect their hands after handing it off to the next person.

The Torah scroll should not be kissed, and participants must wear masks even while dancing. There will be no kiddush in the synagogue on Shabbat, and the entire congregation will not be called up to the Torah during services as is traditionally done in other years.

It will not be permitted to host a house guest except for people who live together.