MK Zohar
MK Zohar Flash 90

Coalition Chairman Miki Zohar this evening attacked Blue and White and protesters against Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

"We see the defiant demonstrations and hear Gantz and Blue and White, and immediately realize that they're doing everything to turn the coalition into a morass. In the first wave when Netanyahu worked without their interruptions, we succeeded in a big way. Today they're just interfering in order to destroy us along with them. This slipshod government must be dismantled soon."

Demonstrations are also taking place tonight in Paris Square in Jerusalem and near Netanyahu's house in Caesarea. In Caesarea, hundreds of vehicles of the Movement for Quality of Government and the Black Flags were traveling in a convoy near Netanyahu's house.

The Black Flags movement says the protest is taking place today at 315 bridges and intersections, as well as in squares and on balconies. "This is the 14th week in a row that the people of Israel are going everywhere to revolt against the defendant who is destroying the country," they said. "The State of Israel is in its second closure because of Netanyahu's complete failure."

As part of the regulations that went into effect last night, the police will enforce during the protest regulations to prevent crowding and maintaining a distance of two meters between demonstrators, as well as the obligation to wear face masks throughout the protests.

The police also clarified that from 21:30, noise will be banned and after 23:00 the use of amplification will be banned.

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