Top Israeli singer Ishay Ribo performed at an event featuring Ambassador Gilad Erdan, who was appearing for the first time since arriving in his new position, at a fundraiser in New York to raise emergency funds for Migdal Ohr’s Israel Coronavirus relief efforts on Tuesday.

In an intimate setting outdoors attended by prominent American Jewish philanthropists, while adhering to social distancing, Ribo played his well-known hits to the audience, and for one song was joined on the stage by Ambassador Erdan.

The event was a fundraiser for American Friends of Migdal Ohr, the U.S.-based fundraising wing of the leading social and educational NGO in Israel. Amongst other programs, Migdal Ohr provides a country-wide network of schools and educational programs which provide a leading education in a warm and home-like environment for children from challenging backgrounds.

In partnership with the Israel government, Migdal Ohr is leading the Coronavirus relief effort in the Jewish State.

Ambassador Gilad Erdan, Israel’s recently appointed Ambassador to the United Nations, in his first official event was the keynote speaker.

“I am here as a fan of Migdal Ohr, an organization very close to my heart. Migdal Ohr truly impacts Israeli society in a way that few others do. As Minister of Public Security, I saw first-hand how Migdal Ohr sent their counsellors into Israeli jails to speak to prisoners from all backgrounds and walks of life. For them, no Israeli or Jew is beyond reach and has potential to do good regardless of their current circumstance. This event demonstrates the unbreakable ties between the American Jewish community and the State of Israel, especially during challenging times.” Ambassador Erdan said.

Ribo, who recently recovered from the Coronavirus, was delighted to help raise funds for the organization.

“Migdal Ohr does so much good and is such an important lifeline for so many Israelis, so I am happy to help and contribute to this vital effort,” said Ribo. “The American Jewish community has once again shown its generosity, even during such a difficult time by coming out and assisting Migdal Ohr’s efforts and its recipients.”

Migdal Ohr provides essentials, including food, therapy, clothing, and a home, a high-level education, through Migdal Ohr’s famous school system and extra-curricular programs, and empowerment, through vocational training, leadership skills, and to help develop the confidence to succeed in whichever path the students pursue.

“We raise Israel’s most vulnerable youth, from the most challenging of backgrounds, to become highly engaged citizens within Israeli society, who will contribute significantly to the Jewish State,” said Atara Solow, Executive Director of American Friends of Migdal Ohr. “While the Government of Israel chose Migdal Ohr to lead the Coronavirus relief effort, none of this would be achievable without the contributions of people like Ishay Ribo and Ambassador Erdan and our wonderful supporters in the U.S.”

“Since the Coronavirus pandemic crisis began, thousands more Israeli families have fallen below the poverty line and the money we raised tonight will allow us to incorporate hundreds more children into our programs.”