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An Israeli District Court on Sunday rejected a petition filed by the father of the security prisoner Pachri Zahir Mansour Omar, against a seizure order in the amount of tens of thousands of shekels, which the security prisoner had received from the Palestinian Authority as a salary for carrying out an act of terrorism for his imprisonment.

Mansour Omar was an accomplice to murder and the transportation of the terrorist who carried out the terror attack on the market in Hadera in October 2005, in which six Israeli civilians were killed.

The order which enabled the seizure of funds, is part of a precedent-setting move initiated by the National Bureau for Counter Terror Financing (NBCTF) in the Ministry of Defense, to issue seizure orders, signed by the Minister of Defense, for salaries paid by the Palestinian Authority to terrorists and their proxies.

This move, conducted in collaboration with the IDF Intelligence Division, the Israel Security Agency, the Israel Police and the Prison Service, has so far led to the seizure and forfeiture of hundreds of thousands of shekels, as well as directing financial institutions to locate additional funds from those parties for their seizure and forfeiture.

Minister of Defense and Alternate Prime Minister Benny Gantz (Blue and White), welcomed the ruling and said: "I intend to lead different and varied moves, to prevent the transfer of funds to terrorists and terrorist organizations. The ruling will help us in the war on terror using economic means."

In December 2019, then-Defense Minister Naftali Bennett (Yamina) ordered the seizure of eight terrorists' salaries, in an attempt to increase Israel's deterrence.

In May 2020, just before Bennett left office, Israel warned Palestinian Authority (PA) banks that they would face fines and imprisonment if they continued transferring funds to terrorist prisoners' bank accounts.

However, in June 2020, just after taking office, Gantz froze Bennett's order, allowing PA banks to continue transferring terrorists' salaries to their accounts.