Before you plunk down the big bucks to run an advertising campaign, there is some due diligence that should be done prior to going live. Not doing so can mean the difference between success and failure in achieving your advertising targets, but beyond that, it can actually hurt your reputation.

If you run a large advertising campaign without having checked your content for typos and grammatical errors, then you'll be looked down upon by a segment of the population that is anal about diction and won’t take you seriously if everything is not typographically in order.

Prepare for Success

Others are victims of their own advertising success. How many times have you clicked on an ad only to find that the website is down? Not only does that turn away potentially new customers, but your current client base is affected negatively and so is your business. If you're going to run an ad campaign, plan on having some success, and be sure that you have the server resources and back end personnel to handle the incoming burst of traffic. No matter if it's a website or toll free number, you need to verify that it is robust enough to handle your desire for a smashingly successful ad campaign that doesn’t smash your infrastructure with more traffic than you can manage.

Check for Errors

How many times have you gone to purchase something only to find that you're unable to complete the process? It is vital that you walk through the full client conversion flow process, to find out if there are any issues along the way. It is a good idea to do this with several devices and with several browsers. How much does it cost you to lose one client? How much will it cost you to fix these errors?

Okay, so now you have checked your website for errors and fixed them. You have made sure that your website loads quickly and fixed all the grammatical and typographical errors that you can find. Now there are just a couple more steps that you should do before you run a large campaign.

Test your Advertisement

Did you know that if there are two similar ad placements with identical copy, one will get 75% more clicks than the other one, solely based on the image? That is a fact, and so what you need to do before you are committed to a large ad campaign is to do some A/B testing in advance. That is an industry term for testing two very similar ads as I mentioned, with similar placements to see which one performs better. This important factor alone can be the difference between hitting or missing your target.

Reach the Right Audience

Finally, you want to be sure that you're on the right platform and you want to invest a budget worthy of being called an advertising campaign. Sure, some people get lucky and spend $100 and make money. But advertising takes repetition for it to be given a proper chance of success. An ad campaign may be classified as a failure because it did not produce enough sales to justify the ad. However, that exact same ad campaign, if it were allowed to run for another week with greater frequency, could then achieve enough sales to classify it as a successful campaign. Start with as large a budget as you can afford, probably double what you were thinking is a good number.

Next, you want to be on the right platform. Wasting your money on five different niches will dilute your message and resources, making it ultimately more difficult to achieve your goal. Concentrate on your target like a laser and be committed to it without looking back.

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