Bennett delivers briefing
Bennett delivers briefing Defense Ministry

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett delivered his daily update on the Israeli effort to curb the coronavirus this afternoon.

"There's light at the end of the coronavirus tunnel," Bennett declared, adding that "there is no exponential growth in the rate of infection and mortality in Israel. We are the country with the lowest mortality rate in relation to the number of patients in countries with significant infection, less than Germany even: 0.3 percent."

Bennett was asked whether a full closure would be imposed on Bnei Brak, saying police had expanded enforcement in the city and the health care system is focused on conducting more tests. "If it's necessary to impose a curfew on a neighborhood or building, we won't hesitate," he said.

The Defense Minister addressed the economic crisis and said: "If we don't understand the tremendous distress of those who fear they won't have money to pay rent, there may be more deaths from suicide than from coronavirus.

"The time has come for the public sector to step under the private sector's stretcher. Facing the choice of a narrow one-year government or a broad four-year one, a broad government is better," Bennett added.

He was asked about the expected ministerial turnover expected with establishment of the unity government: "It's obviously wrong to replace a government in the midst of the coronavirus crisis. In the middle of a campaign it's wrong to replace commanders. But the Prime Minister isn't a magician who can make the wishes of Gantz and Ashkenazi disappear."

Regarding Netanyahu's apparent disregard for the Right bloc, Bennett said, "We're waiting for the Prime Minister to decide on our role in the new government. We'll be in the place that's right for us and our public. It's possible that we'll be in the government and possible that we won't. We won't board a ship that's sailing in the wrong direction."