Chaim Bibis
Chaim BibisFlash 90

Israeli authority heads today approached Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu with a demand to approve an emergency state budget, in light of the continued transition government and coronavirus crisis.

"In this emergency, it is imperative to provide every resident in the State of Israel with the sense of security and calm that decision makers act as one front for dealing with the situation and aren't working for other reasons," the letter states.

To read the full letter in the original Hebrew click here.

The mayors say in their letter that the lack of an approved state budget and the government's conduct, based on the 2019 budget in 1/12 monthly increments, does not allow the situation to be dealt with and creates enormous difficulties for the authorities and inability to adapt the services provided to the citizens of the State.

"The minimum required at this time is to approve the budget from 2019 with changes as a copy/paste for 2020 as well," they argue.

The letter is signed by Local Government Center Chairman and Modiin-Maccabim-Reut Mayor Chaim Bibis, Tel Aviv Mayor and The 15 Forum Chairman Ron Huldai, Marchavim Regional Council Chairman Shai Hajaj and dozens more mayors.