Yair Lapid
Yair Lapid Kobi Richter/TPS

MK Yair Lapid, one of the senior members of the Blue and White party, explained in a post published on Tuesday and entitled "Yes! Anyone but Bibi!!!" the reasons for his party vetoing a government led by Binyamin Netanyahu.

"Over the rudeness, the lies, the unscrupulousness. Over the fact that he’s badmouthing good and decent people and not thinking that there is something wrong with it.

For having surrounded himself with corrupt people who milk the country.

For understanding that if Israel remains a democracy, he will go to prison. So he decided to destroy democracy. He will destroy the court, enact immunity and an Overrule Clause, pass the French law. He no longer even denies that he wants to be Erdogan.

For abuse of security, of health, of poverty. Everything for the sake of politics.

For the burnout. What appeared shocking and unimaginable yesterday - indictments, submarines - became a reality today.

For the endless crying. He’s talking about the media? A Prime Minister with his own newspaper, his own TV station, broadcasters planted at every possible radio station.

For constantly stealing credit.

Over the stock affair. What about the stock affair? Why don't we talk about the stock affair? The Prime Minister made millions in a dubious deal with a company related to the submarine affair. One cousin handed him 16 million shekels. Another cousin represented the submarine company. On the day the made-up investigation into the Fifth Dimension was leaked, it was also leaked that the stock affair is also being reopened. How come the country is not burning?

So yeah, anyone but Bibi!

Because as long as he is there, we cannot take care of the health, of Gaza, of our children's education, of the need to unite the citizens of the state. To remind ourselves that we do not hate each other.

Enough Bibi, enough, 14 years is a lot. Too much. Anything but another term."