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Jewish Home Party municipal representatives today began to sign Central Committee members on a motion for primaries for all candidates for the 23rd Knesset, as well as opening ranks for anyone willing to identify with party values.

The proposal has so far been signed by a number of Jewish Home Party municipal office holders across the country.

Among signatories: Lod Deputy Mayor Yossi Harush; Kfar Saba Deputy Mayor Eitan Sa'anani; Modi'in Deputy Mayor and Branch Council Chairman Amiad Taub; Shomron Deputy Mayor and Deputy Forum Chairman Davidi Ben-Tzion; Ramat Gan Jewish Home Chairman Avihu Ben Moshe; Kiryat Ata Deputy Mayor Arie Meisels; Givatayim Deputy Mayor Moshik Goldstein; and Petach Tikva Deputy Mayor Itzik Dei.

Conference and the proposal initiators say: "Jewish Home and political religious Zionism cannot allow for the lack of democracy and the blocking of ranks if we want to survive."

This represents a counter-petition to the petition that Rabbi Rafi Peretz's supporters signed today with a number of party municipal representatives.

"We call on our brothers from the National Union (which has run with the Jewish Home since 2013 - ed.) to return to the negotiating table and agree immediately on a joint run based on the existing agreement and the principles of the unification.

"We will do everything in order to return the proper connections that will preserve Religious Zionism's strength in the coming elections, thereby preserving the right-wing government."