Jewish Home: 'We won't hold new primaries'

Jewish Home party says no time for new primaries, promises to work to keep unity, ensure right-wing government in upcoming elections.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Jewish Home central committee
Jewish Home central committee
Hezki Baruch

The Jewish Home party on Monday morning announced that it would not hold new primaries, but would look to run together with other Religious Zionist parties.

New primaries, the party said, would change the face of the party.

"For a year, in a turbulent political arena which has revolved around elections, we have worked to unite the ranks of Religious Zionism, to save the right-wing bloc, and we have also compromised for the good of everyone," the party said. "We knew to compromise on leadership for the sake of unity, out of honest concern for the right-wing government."

"From our knowledge of our partners, we believe that the concern for everyone guides them as well. We do not believe that other concerns guide them. Out of responsibility for connections and unifications within the short time we have, we believe that we should run in the same format as we did previously, and work towards additional connections.

"We see primaries as a worthy principle and we were the only ones in Religious Zionism who held them over the years, but at the same time, right now it is a task which we cannot gather together for, whether because the New Right will not take part in it, or whether out of concern that the face of Religious Zionism may change."

The party added, "We call on our brothers from the National Union (which has run with the Jewish Home since 2013 - ed.) to return to the negotiating table and agree immediately on a joint run based on the existing agreement and the principles of the unification."

"We will do everything in order to return the proper connections that will preserve Religious Zionism's strength in the coming elections, thereby preserving the right-wing government."