Thunder and lightning
Thunder and lightning iStock

The Magen David Adom emergency medical service reports three young men were injured by lightning at Zikim Beach, just north of Gaza.

Two of the men are in critical condition, while the third's condition is serious.

Magen David Adom (MDA) paramedics are at the scene and administering first aid to the three.

MDA paramedic Keren Slabodnik said: "On the beach were two young men who were unconscious, and another who was partly conscious. MDA staff who were nearby began performing CPR on two of the young men, who had no heartbeat and were not breathing, and administering medical aid to the third young man, who was partly conscious."

"Immediately when we arrived, together with other MDA personnel, we continued performing CPR and treating the wounded. The heart of one of the victims began beating again, and we are continuing to perform CPR on one of the victims while providing lifesaving medical treatment to the other two."

MDA Spokesperson: MDA EMT and phlebotomist at MDA'S Blood Services Maxim Perelkov finished working at the blood drive next to the community of Zikim when he and 3 other EMTs who were with him we're alerted to the lightening strike at Zikim Beach.

Maxim recalled: "we finished the blood drive when we were alerted by the MDA Teams application. We immediately understood that we were the closest medical team, and rushed to the beach. In the surf, there were 3 victims approximately in their 20s. 2 of them were unresponsive and the other was semi-conscious. We immediately began CPR on the unresponsive victims and treating the third, stable victim. All 3 had signs of burns. After CPR which included electrical shocks from the AED, one of the victims heart's began to hear again, and we continued CPR on the other victim. All three victims were evacuated to Barzilai Hospital, with one in critical condition, one in serious condition and the other in moderate condition."