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Rabbi Rafi Peretz Flash 90

Michal Peretz, wife of Education Minister Rabbi Rafi Peretz (United Right) has gone to various venues with Jewish Home supporters warning that if her husband does not lead the technical bloc to the right of the Likud, he will not remain in it at all.

According to News 12's Amit Segal, Michal Peretz's pressure creates a very bad impression of Rabbi Peretz's management of the merger talks.

The United Right list is made up of the Jewish Home and National Union parties. A third party, Otzma Yehudit, was part of the list until it left several weeks ago. The United Right is now in talks with the New Right to form a merger, and there is pressure to allow New Right leader Ayelet Shaked to lead the technical bloc which would be formed by the merger, since polls have shown that Shaked is the one likely to bring the most votes.

Negotiations for the merger continued until sundown and Friday, and seem to be stalled due to Rabbi Peretz insisting on offering the New Right only three of the first nine Knesset seats in the joint list. The New Right has refused the offer, since recent polls show their list bringing eight or nine seats, while the United Right barely passes the electoral threshold. Before the previous elections, however, polls predicted the New Right would over ten Knesset seats, but the party failed to pass the electoral threshhold, while the Untied Right got six Knesset seats.

Shaked has emphasized that the disagreements between the parties are not large, and called on Rabbi Peretz and his number two, Transportation Minister Bezalel Smotrich, to make every effort to unite the Religious Zionist lists and the secular yet ideological right-wing.

"I think that this is the call of the hour, and if we get stuck on demands which don't fit reality, we'll all lose out. The right-wing camp will lose out. Time is running out, we need to make decisions on Sunday. I hope we'll manage," she concluded.

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