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A page promoting a Nazi propaganda beauty contest on social media has been removed following an appeal from Israeli human rights group Betzalmo.

The event, dubbed “Miss Hitler 2019” promoted hate speech including dozens of posts praising Hitler and Nazi symbols and gestures.

The event, reportedly organized by Portuguese ‘revisionist’ João Branco was hosted on Russian-based social media platform vk.com. Held annually since 2014, the event attracted Neo-Nazis and Terror suspects.

Following a demand from Israeli Human Rights NGO Betzalmo, VK agreed to block the page promoting the hateful propaganda.

VK’s representative confirmed that “The community was blocked due to violation of our rules. VK is always intolerable to calls for violence, nationalist and extremist propaganda.”

Betzalmo CEO Shai Glick thanked VK for promptly removing the anti-Semitic competition. He added “The fight against racism requires drawing a red line and zero tolerance towards anti-Semitism in any shape or form. We will continue to fight against hatred and incitement, and for human rights.”